Lakhs of Affordable Dwelling Units to be constructed in newly announced 109 sectors in land pooling zones.

Delhi CGHS Yojna

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Delhi, the capital city of India, is making a stride by providing affordable housing projects to the residents and also to the people from outer towns or states. Delhi CHS Yojna is the flagship project of Group Housing Society. It comes within the criteria of Affordable Housing Scheme which is registered by the Registration bill of the Delhi Government under Multistate Cooperative Societies Act 2002 with regd no: MSCS/CR/ 1082/ 2014. The financial system is designed in such a way that people from each and every section will get the chance to live in their house.

According to the Delhi Cooperative Awas Yojna, Group Housing Society will be able to purchase the properties for their own real estate construction or for their real estate friend from the farmer, owners or from the Government as per the guidelines of Land Pooling Policy. After purchasing the lined, this company is going to make a blueprint that which portion they are going to use and which not. According to the Delhi Awas Yojna, the land which is not granted for construction has to return to the landowner with the amount used for developing construction work and an apartment in the property where the housing development is taking place.

Group Housing Society has to look for the development of roads, the infrastructure of the to be taken housing plot and many others. Delhi Housing Scheme makes it a point that the company that has been provided the position of supervising the work must also look that the developer is offering all the facilities and amenities that have been notified before the construction. Also, it is a significant duty of the supervising real estate team to look for the construction work and make sure that it must be provided to the clients within the time period guaranteed by the construction company.

Delhi CGHS Yojna