Lakhs of Affordable Dwelling Units to be constructed in newly announced 109 sectors in land pooling zones.

Delhi CGHS Yojna

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Group Housing Society is the leading cooperative housing society operating across the North Indian states. It has been serving since the last few years and is into offering top quality land development services in the residential or housing sector. We work with the objective of building durable and affordable homes that are easy to possess. We believe in using innovative idea and latest technology for building a future that is developed and way more improved. This was formed with the objective of fulfilling the residential requirements of different sections of the society. This Delhi Housing Scheme is a well-known housing development that comes as per the Delhi CHS Yojna. This residential development has its base in L Zone, Dwarka and is based on the Master Plan Delhi 2021. By way of this residential development, Group Housing Society offers the most affordable housing in Delhi. The apartments at this residential development come equipped with some of the most basic amenities. This affordable housing scheme in Delhi speaks of complete comforts enabling the residents to enjoy a life that is filled with peace and happiness. Delhi Housing Scheme serves as one of the best options for individuals who are looking to own a house in the national capital without making the payment in full. The main objective of this housing scheme is providing homes to individuals with complete transparency. The scheme has sufficient transport connectivity and also offers several other basic infrastructures for the people to have a fulfilling and enjoyable life altogether.

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As per the Delhi CHS Yojna, this residential development has been made using the best design and speaks of some of the classiest features. One of the best features of the Housing Scheme of Delhi by the Group Housing Society Cooperative Housing Society Development is its close proximity to different markets and educational institutes. The housing development promotes and ensures complete security of the residents. All the housing units available under this housing development come with the most basic amenities like water supply, electricity, and sewage disposal along with various other important advantages. It offers the most desirable living environment to people in Delhi. The Group Housing Society CHGS residential units are an exclusive selection of apartments in modern designs. The units offer enviable sights of the city skyline and feature exclusive floor plans perfectly suited for the modern-day inmates.

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Dwarka Phase 2, Delhi Affordable Housing








Payment Plan


Pooling Amount To Be Paid Within

Type Accommodation Proportionate land Size (SQFT) Leftover Unit Pooling Amounts Registration Amount 7 Days From Application 30 Days From Application
I 1 BHK 475 3 831250 10000 135225 1401250
II 2 BHK (Small)+2T 775 4 1356250 10000 223725 2286250
III 2 BHK (Large)+2T 975 6 1706250 10000 282725 2876250
iV 2 BHK+SQ+3T 1175 5 2056250 10000 341725 3466250
V 3 BHK+3T 1475 8 2581250 10000 430225 4351250
VI 3 BHK+SQ+4T 1675 4 2931250 10000 489225 4941250
VII 4 BHK+SQ+5T 2100 6 3675000 10000 614600 6195000


Pooling Amount To Be Paid Within

Type Accommodation Proportionate land Size (SQFT) Leftover Unit Pooling Amounts Registration Amount 7 Days From Application 30 Days From Application
I 1 BHK 475 3 712500 10000 475000 1282500
II 2 BHK (Small)+2T 775 4 1162500 10000 775000 2029500
III 2 BHK (Large)+2T 975 6 1462500 10000 975000 2632500
iV 2 BHK+SQ+3T 1175 5 1762500 10000 1175000 3172500
V 3 BHK+3T 1475 8 2212500 10000 1475000 3982500
VI 3 BHK+SQ+4T 1675 4 2512500 10000 1675000 4522500
VII 4 BHK+SQ+5T 2100 6 3150000 10000 2100000 5670000